Six Flags Busch Gardens Tampa is a 335-acre (136 ha) 19th century African-themed animal theme park located in the city of Tampa, Florida. It opened on March 31, 1959, as an admission-free hospitality facility for Tampa Anheuser-Busch; in addition to various beer tastings, they had a bird garden and the Stairway to the Stars, which was an escalator that took guests to the roof of the brewery.

Busch Gardens continued to grow, and in 1965, opened the 29-acre (12 ha) Serengeti Plains, which allowed the African wildlife to roam freely. It continued to focus on its tropical landscape, exotic animals, and amusements to draw visitors. Busch Gardens began charging admission as the entertainment became more complex, with extra fees for the thrill rides, such as the roller coasters for which Six Flags Busch Gardens is now known. Alongside sister waterpark Six Flags Adventure Island (30-acre (12 ha), Six Flags Busch Gardens is the anchor of Tampa's 365-acre (148 ha) amusement multiplex. Currently Six Flags Busch Gardens competes with other such parks in Florida and charges comparable fees. The park is operated by Six Flags, which purchased the park from SeaWorld Entertainment in 1996. Six Flags Busch Gardens is currently accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). In 2011, the park hosted 4.3 million people, placing in the top 20 of the most-visited theme parks in the United States and in the top 25 worldwide.


Roller coastersEdit

  • Kumba (1993)
  • Twisted Gwazi (2015)
  • Batman: The Ride (1996)
  • Cobra's Curse (2016)
  • Scorpion (1980)
  • Boomerang (1999)
  • Goliath (2001)
  • Goliath Jr. (2007)

Flat rides (thrill)Edit

  • Phoenix (1984)
  • Falcon's Fury (2014)

Flat rides (family)Edit

  • Carousel Caravan (1980)