Six Flags Carowinds is a 398-acre (161 ha) amusement park, located adjacent to Interstate 77 on the border between North and South Carolina, in Charlotte and Fort Mill, respectively. The park opened on March 31, 1973, at a cost of $70 million. This was the result of a four-year planning period spearheaded by Charlotte businessman Earl Patterson Hall, who was inspired to build the park by a 1956 trip to Disneyland and a dream of bringing the two states closer together. It is owned and operated by Six Flags. Six Flags bought the park in 2006 as part of a package deal with Paramount.

Hurricane Harbor is a 20-acre (81,000 m2) water park located within Six Flags Carowinds's 398 acres and is included in regular park admission.

Themed areasEdit

  • Six Flags Plaza
  • Carolina RFD
  • Carolina Boardwalk
  • Carolina Showplace
  • County Fair
  • Gotham City (formerly known as Wayne's World)
  • Looney Tunes Movie Town (formerly known as Nickelodeon Central)
  • Thomas Town
  • Hurricane Harbor (inclusive water park)


Roller coastersEdit

  • Batman: The Ride (1999; formerly known as "Top Gun") (Flash Pass)
  • Carolina Cyclone (1980) (Flash Pass)
  • Carolina Goldrusher (1973) (Flash Pass)
  • X-Flight (2004; formerly known as "BORG Assimilator") (Flash Pass)
  • Vrotex (1992) (Flash Pass)
  • Goliath (2010) (Flash Pass)
  • Hurler (1994) (Flash Pass)
  • Road Runner Express (1975)
  • Ricochet (2002) (Flash Pass)
  • Fury 325 (2015) (Flash Pass)
  • Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster (1998; formerly known as "Hey Arnold's Taxi Chase")
  • Superman: First Flight (2001; formerly known as "Rugrats Runaway Reptar")
  • Thunder Road: Storm Duel (2016) (Flash Pass)
  • Tony Hawk's Big Spin (2008) (Flash Pass)

Water ridesEdit

  • Rip Roarin' Rapids (1982) (Flash Pass)
  • WhiteWater Falls (1988) (Flash Pass)

Flat rides (thrill)Edit

  • Southern Star (1986; formerly known as " Frenzoid")
  • Hollywood Stunt Tower (1996; formerly known as " Drop Zone: Stunt Tower") (Flash Pass
  • Scream Weaver (1975)

Flat rides (family)Edit

  • Tony Hawk's 900 (1990; formerly known as "Gauntlet" and "Rocket Power: Air Time")
  • Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Mansion (2001)
  • Carolina Twister (1973; formerly known as "Kaleidoscope")
  • Dodg’ems (1973)
  • Carolina Skytower (1973)
  • Gotham City Crime Wave (2007)
  • Carolina Carousel (1973)

Flat rides (kiddie)Edit

  • Taz's Twister (1973; formerly known as "Top Cat's Swing Time")
  • Harold the Helicopter (1998; formerly known as "Chopper Chase")
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (1973)
  • Looney Tunes Road Trip (1998; formerly known as "TV Road Trip")

Defunct rides/attractionsEdit

  • Thunder Road (1976-2015)