Six Flags Minnesota is a theme park located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It opened in 1995 and currently has 9 roller coasters.

History Edit

Six Flags opened the park in 1995. Tiger, a CCI Wooden, and Mind Eraser, a Vekoma SLC, were the two roller coasters on opening day. Top Spin (Huss Top Spin), Enterprise (Huss Enterprise), Sky Shot (S&S Space Shot), and Truckin' (Zamperla Convoy) were the flat rides available on opening day. There was one park section for the first season. It was the East Section.

Along with the 1996 addition, the park announced that they will add a new attraction to the park for every year. The new addition for the next year was Zamperla Bumper Cars, Road Rage.

In 1997, the park made an 11 year deal with Bolliger and Mabillard. That year, they opened an inverted coaster, Batman: The Ride.

In 1998 and 1999, three new kiddie rides were added in the brand new Looney Tunes Boom Town.

For the 2000 season, the park continued use of the B&M agreement and opened The Joker, a B&M floorless coaster located adjacent to the Batman coaster.

For 2001, another ride was added to the Looney Tunes section.

In 2002, Crime Wave was opened in the East Section.

Two rides opened in 2003, Spin-o-Rama and Giant Wheel opened.

In 2004, a non-B&M roller coaster was opened. Boomerang was the name of the new coaster. It is a Vekoma Boomerang. At the end of the season, Sky Shot was closed and dismantled. It is currently in storage.

For 2005, Six Flags Minnesota announced thrill rides would be added for a couple of years. They also announced the new ride, Striker. It is a S&S Screaming Swing.

For the 2006 season, Intamin built Flight, a drop tower on the former spot of the original drop tower built by S&S (Sky Shot). It uses the old queue line.

2007 was the final year of the deal with Bolliger and Mabillard. The park used it and built Superman: Ultimate Flight, a flying coaster. The park announced they would not renew partnership with the coaster company.

2008 was a spectacular year for the park. A new water park, Hurricane Harbor opened. On opening day, there were three attractions for it. There was Rapids, Troubled Waters, and Twister.

In 2009, Huss returned to build a Giant Frisbee, Madness. This marked the first time Huss built an addition to the park in 14 years, the first year of the park's opening.

In 2010, Great Coasters International built Bolt, a wooden coaster added to the East Section of the park.

Next year, Zamperla built Taz's Chaos Coaster in Looney Tunes Boom Town.

Hurricane Harbor was expanded in 2012 to include Bonzai Pipelines and Jammer.

FunTime built SkyScreamer, a Star Flyer, for the 2013 season. In August 2013, Tiger closed down.

For 2014, Rocky Mountain Construction gave Tiger the I-Box Treatment. It reopened in 2014 as Mighty Tiger.

In 2015, Splash Island was added to Hurricane Harbor. It is a kids water play area.

For the 2016 season, Larson International built Fireball, a Super Loop, at the park. The park also received Six Flags Bangor's former wooden roller coaster, Screamer, and placed it in storage. The park also held their first Fright Fest.

In 2017, Medusa, an S&S 4D Free Fly coaster, was added, and Superman: Ultimate Flight ran with VR.

Six Flags Minnesota opened Two Face: Revenge and The Riddler for the 2018 season, as well as The Harbor.

Attractions Edit

Six Flags Minnesota has a total of 33 attractions

Themed Areas Edit


Roller Coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Manufacturer Brief description
Mind Eraser 1995 Vekoma A suspended looping roller coaster
Batman: The Ride 1997 Bolliger & Mabillard An inverted "Batman" roller coaster clone
The Joker 2000 Bolliger & Mabillard A floorless coaster
Boomerang 2004 Vekoma A standard Boomerang coaster
Superman: Ultimate Flight 2007 Bolliger & Mabillard A flying coaster
Bolt 2010 GCI A wooden roller coaster
Taz's Chaos Coaster 2011 Zamperla A kiddie coaster with cars that spin
Mighty Tiger 2014 RMC A wood/steel "Iron Horse" roller coaster remolded from the original Tiger.
Medusa 2017 S&S A 4D Free Fly Coaster

Flat Rides (Thrill) Edit

Name Year Opened Manufacturer Brief description
Top Spin 1995 Huss Rides A standard Huss Top Spin ride
Enterprise 1995 Huss Rides A standard Enterprise ride
Striker 2005 S&S Power A Screamin' Swing ride
Flight 2006 Intamin A 240 foot-tall Drop Tower ride
Madness 2009 Huss Rides A giant frisbee ride
SkyScreamer 2013 FunTime A 200 ft Star Flyer ride
Fireball 2016 Larson International A standard Super Loop

Flat Rides (Family) Edit

Name Year Opened Manufacturer Brief description
Road Rage 1996 Zamperla Bumper Cars
Crime Wave 2002 Zierer A "Wave Swinger" ride
Spin-o-Rama 2003 Arrow Dynamics Tea Cups ride
Giant Wheel 2003 Chance Morgan A 150-foot tall Ferris Wheel
Two Face: Revenge 2018 Larson International Flying Scooters
The Riddler 2018 Huss Rides Scrambler

Flat Rides (Kiddie) Edit

Name Year Opened Manufacturer Brief description
Truckin' 1995 Zamperla A Zamperla Convoy ride themed around pick up trucks
Tweety's Flyers 1998 Zamperla A kiddie Wave Swinger ride
Sylvester's Steam Train 1999 Zamperla A Zamperla "Rio Grande" train ride
Marvin's Lunar Landing 1999 Zamperla A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride that is themed to a rocket ship
Speedy Gonzales's Jets 2001 Zamperla A Zamperla Mini Jets ride

Water Rides Edit

  • Rapids (2008)
  • Troubled Waters (2008)
  • Twister (2008)
  • Bonzai Pipelines (2012)
  • Jammer (2012)
  • Splash Island (2015)

Defunct/Former Rides Edit

  • Sky Shot (1995-2005, replaced by Flight)
  • Tiger (1995-2013, transformed into Mighty Tiger)